Joseph Victor Stefanchik

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Chrisman Studios
Photo By: Ben Chrisman
Photo By: Ben Chrisman
Photo By: Ben Chrisman
Photo By: Ben Chrisman
Photo By: Tyler "Twirken" Wirken
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Joseph Victor Stefanchik began his studies in commercial photography then furthered his education by attending the School of Journalism at Western Kentucky University.

He applies the same lighting techniques he would use for a portrait or fashion shoot to his wedding and editorial photography. His unique use of off-camera lighting is what sets him apart and makes his images come alive.

Joseph’s career as a wedding photojournalist began in 1997 while he was a staff photographer for the Dallas Morning News. A close friend asked him, “Can you photograph my wedding the way you capture stories for the Morning News?” At the time, the majority of his assignments included visual storytelling from around the globe. From Africa to the Panama Canal, his goal remained the same – to show people what they cannot see.

Highlights in Joseph’s photojournalism career include winning the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for International Photojournalism (twice) as well as being named a Pulitzer Prize Finalist.

After leaving newspapers, Joseph set his sights on becoming a leading photographer in the wedding and editorial world. He now photographs editorial, wedding and portrait assignments across the globe.

Joseph lives in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

“I believe photography is about moments, which is exactly why I love shooting weddings. On your wedding day, there will be moments everywhere. Some will be subtle. Some will be epic. Some will make your sides ache from laughing. And some will be so moving they will shape your life forever.

And they will all go by so fast. In a blur.

But I will be there to slow them down for you. To capture all of your moments, big and small, and to create timeless portraits of you and the people you love. So when you look back at your wedding photos in 6 months or in 60 years, you’ll remember more than just what your wedding looked like. You’ll remember what your wedding felt like.

That’s the kind of photography and style I live for. I would love to share that with you by documenting your wedding.” -Joseph Victor Stefanchik

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