Maine is a spectacular choice for a unique destination wedding. We were fortunate enough to be brought to the alluring, mysterious Monhegan Island for a sweet waterside ceremony followed by a nice dinner, followed by a fun, casual party at the bride’s parents’ friend’s house. Our bride Susannah’s family has had a home on Monhegan for 30 years. She grew up spending her summers there and even attended the school in the one-room school house. For Susannah and Fred’s creative portraits, they took us around the island to the lighthouse (where we were able to do a photo of them), through the dense forest, to the school house, and everywhere in between. We fell in love with Monhegan Island that weekend, and feel ourselves constantly being pulled back to Maine.


New England; Monhegan Island, Maine

Before we met Susannah and Fred, we had never heard of Monhegan Island. As we started making travel arrangements for their remote island wedding, we learned we would need plane tickets, ferry tickets, a rental car and good walking shoes for the two-day trip to get there.