When we were growing up – in New Mexico, South Carolina, the Midwest – we would always imagine Malibu as this beautiful fantasy land reserved for the rich and famous. Just the sound of the word “Malibu” invoked images of palm trees, pristine beaches, and luxury. When we all ended up in California as adults, Malibu suddenly became a very real place that we could actually visit. And when we started getting hired to photograph weddings there, we just fell more in love with the place. We have been lucky enough to photograph Malibu beach weddings at the Sunset Restaurant Malibu and weddings high up in the Malibu hills. If you are looking for a Malibu wedding photographer, our photographer Dave Getzschman lives in Los Angeles and would love to be there for you. If he isn’t available, any of the rest of us are happy to make the short trip from San Francisco.


Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate, Malibu, California

Renee and Todd get a wedding with a view at Malibu’s Rocky Oaks Estate.


Rancho del Cielo, Malibu, California

Of all the couple’s we’ve ever photographed, Ashlee and Tom have referred us to the most weddings with their friends. They both work in Hollywood, but are two of the nicest and most humble people we’ve ever known. They are a joy to be around.


Sunset Restaurant, Malibu, California

One of the big things that stood out to us during Julie and Eric’s wedding were the speeches about them. Each person who spoke trumpeted about their big hearts, and how caring and thoughtful they are with their friends and family.