Monhegan Island

Monhegan Island, Maine, is a magical place that’s not easy to get to – but so worth the effort. Tourists are not allowed to have cars on the island (there are just a few cars or trucks, owned by a select few residents), so to get there you must take a ferry and have one of the residents with a car or truck drive your luggage to your hotel or rental house. We were invited to photograph the Monhegan Island wedding of a woman who grew up spending summers on the island, attending school in the small one-room school house, working in one of the restaurants.
It will always be one of the most memorable, unique destination weddings we’ve ever photographed. Check out our other island weddings here.


New England; Monhegan Island, Maine

Before we met Susannah and Fred, we had never heard of Monhegan Island. As we started making travel arrangements for their remote island wedding, we learned we would need plane tickets, ferry tickets, a rental car and good walking shoes for the two-day trip to get there.