New Orleans

New Orleans weddings are always unique and always a blast, which is why the city has become an extremely popular destination wedding location in the South. We have been fortunate to shoot several New Orleans weddings, every one of them turning into an epic weekend of jubilant celebration, New Orleans-style of course. We love New Orleans because of the amazing Cajun food, the ever-present jazz music, and the city’s rich history and character. One of our favorite New Orleans weddings was at the Royal Sonesta hotel, which is right in the heart of the French Quarter. You can get a room with a balcony facing Bourbon Street and watch the crazy nightlife unfold below you, and maybe even toss a few strands of Mardi Gras beads!  Another great spot is the New Orleans Peristyle in the City Park. We photographed an evening ceremony in the Peristyle, with the reception in an adjacent decked-out tent. When filled with candles and lights, the Peristyle can be transformed into a glowing space of warmth and wonder. Another great New Orleans wedding venue is the Mason Montegut House. You can have an outdoor ceremony in the courtyard, with a reception inside. It’s a house, so it’s a somewhat smaller venue, but there IS a room big enough for a band and a dance floor.
Here are some wedding tips for planning a New Orleans wedding:
1. A great New Orleans wedding tradition is doing a “second line” through the streets, where a small jazz band leads a parade of you and your guests down the street. The bride and groom traditionally carry umbrellas and walk directly behind the band, dancing all the way, while guests walk behind the couple waving hankies.
2. Southern wedding receptions typically do food stations where the food is replenished all night, so guests can eat whenever they want to and the band can keep playing. There’s no structured served dinner.
3. Bananas Foster is a must-have at any New Orleans wedding reception. At a recent wedding we shot here, the couple had a line of chefs roll their cooking stations out onto the dance floor and make the flaming dessert in front of everyone. It makes for quite a spectacle! And you can get some really cool photos with the bright flames.


Omni Royal Orleans, New Orleans

New Yorkers Michele and Barry marry at the Omni Royal Orleans in New Orleans.


Montegut House, New Orleans

A pastry chef creates a wedding focused on creole cuisine, jazz music, and the beauty of New Orleans.


Peristyle at City Park, New Orleans

A grand New Orleans wedding for two chefs, with a ceremony at the City Peristyle, choir singers, and a tented reception in the park.