Church Wedding

It’s true, we shoot a lot of destination weddings in outdoor settings. However, we shoot a huge number of church weddings every year too. We love getting the chance to shoot in the low lighting conditions of churches and cathedrals. We are always inspired by the beautiful architecture, stained-glass art and the solemnity of having a religious ceremony. Here are some wedding tips for getting the best photos from your church ceremony:
1. Before you book your church, make sure you know the photography rules. Most importantly, make sure they will allow photography during your ceremony. Some churches do not allow photographers to even be present for the ceremony. Make sure you understand what kinds of angles will be allowed – will the photographer be limited to the balcony? To the back pew? Or will your photographer be allowed to shoot closer to the front from the side?
2. When traveling from your getting-ready location to the church, make sure to leave space in your car for your photographer! We don’t like to miss any moments for you, and the ride to the church can be really fun for photos. For your getaway from the church to the reception, plan on having one of us ride with you, because these will likely be the first moments you and your new husband are together alone, in a quiet space. We want to be able to capture that feeling for you.
3. Even though church weddings are more solemn, be sure to remember the happiness of the occasion, and be aware of being in this transformative moment with your fiancé. It can be a very powerful feeling. Each thoughtful, love-filled glance you give your soon-to-be-husband, we will catch for you with our cameras so you will never forget what that felt like.


CordeValle Resort; San Juan Mission, California

When I think back to Vanessa and Casey’s gorgeous California wedding, with all its beautiful details and décor, and the amazing dresses and the crazy dancing, my mind always goes back to one of the speeches, by one of Casey’s friends.


The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia

We fell in love with Jessica from her very first email to us. She wrote us before she and Matt were even engaged, having a feeling a ring may come soon. Her hunch proved correct.


W Hotel San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Eunice and Shan chose the glamorous W Hotel in San Francisco for their richly hued reception of cool colors.


Stanford University, Stanford, California

Brittany and Connor have since moved to Atlanta, but they returned to their alma mater for their wedding ceremony.


Sutter Club, Sacramento, California

No question that these two were meant to be. A happily tearful Sacramento wedding.


Hobby Center, Houston, Texas

Uche and Collins put on a colorful Nigerian wedding full or rich tradition and dancing in Houston, Texas.


Lake Tahoe, California

Noree and Doug say “I do” in a church, then dance the night away beneath the stars at a lakefront estate.


Intercontinental Mark Hopkins, San Francisco, California

This wedding featured the Argentine tango, a video re-enactment of the night they met, and a group dance by the wedding party.


Clarksdale, Mississippi

A Clarksdale wedding wouldn’t be complete without portraits downtown and an afterparty at the famous Ground Zero blues club.


One and Only Palmilla, Cabo, Mexico

Francesca and Chris had a private wedding for just the two of them at the gorgeous One & Only Palmilla resort.


Firehouse Restaurant, Sacramento, California

A church wedding followed by a raucous reception at the famous Sacramento wedding venue the Firehouse Restaurant.


Wren Chapel, College of William and Mary

Ashley and Jan were married in the historic Wren Chapel on the William and Mary campus.


Cornell University, Cornell, New York

Since Kim and Peter’s wedding in 2009, they have moved down the street from us and we have become the best of friends. We really can’t imagine life without these two.


Terra Gallery, San Francisco, California

Carrie and Michael’s wedding at the beautiful Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco.


Cafe Brauer, Chicago, Illinois

Amanda and Tom met while on the presidential campaign trail, and quickly took their romance beyond politics.


The Burn, Natchez, Mississippi

The first email I received from Vicki said she and Jacob were thinking about getting married in Taos, NM. Then it changed to Idaho. Then Thailand. And then finally Mississippi.


La Posada Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Toni and Bryan met while teaching near the Navajo reservation in Gallup, New Mexico.