Rainy Wedding

No one ever plans for rain on their wedding day, but let’s face it – it happens sometimes. And all of your plans for an outdoor wedding suddenly have to be changed. But you know what? There’s no need to worry! If you have hired the right wedding coordinator and the right photographers, they will know exactly what to do to make sure you have a beautiful wedding day and the best wedding photos to show it off. We have photographed plenty of outdoor weddings that were rained out. For some, they went ahead with the ceremony, with everyone holding umbrellas. Others rented tents at the last minute or moved the ceremony under cover. No matter what you do, as photographers, we can tell you that interesting weather only makes for more interesting photos. And in a lot of cases, we have seen genius wedding coordinators turn nice weddings into really unique and even more beautiful events because of last-minute changes due to rain. So let Mother Nature surprise you, and just roll with it. Stay focused on the task at hand, which is marrying your best friend while looking gorgeous, and let the professionals handle the rest. Below are three wedding tips for making the most of it when it rains on your wedding day.
1. Buy colorful vintage pagoda umbrellas for your wedding party to hold as they walk down the aisle. Our bride Ricki used ones similar to these. Or rather, her amazing coordinator Jessie Abrams Baca found them at the last minute. If your bridesmaids are wearing short dresses, buy some cute rain boots for them at Target. The rain boots will look adorable with the vintage umbrellas. 
2. One alternative to moving everything into an ugly Plan B room: Instead, rent a big tent, put all your original decor inside it, so everything is the same except your guests will be covered. One of our brides did this and had the hotel lay down plywood on the aisle so the guests could walk to their seats without getting soggy. Just cover the plywood with pretty fabric for the bridal party processional, and you’re set.
3. You can still do family portraits, and creative portraits, outside. Grab those colorful umbrellas, find a pretty green spot, and have some fun with your photographers.
Check out how the Chrisman Studios photographers handle rainy wedding days. We hope you will trust us to give you the best wedding photos no matter what the sky has in store for you.


Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, Sonoma, Wine Country, California

Daria and Ryan’s joyful rainy wedding day at Jacuzzi Vineyards in Sonoma, CA.


The Somerset on Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

A little over a year ago, a very tenacious New York City bride began writing us off and on, popping back in every few months. Her name was Yelena.


Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, California

It never rains in San Diego! But it did at Ricki and Geoff’s wedding, and the result was a day of beautiful serendipity.