Wren Chapel

Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, is part of the college’s signature building the Wren Building. The Wren Building was part of the college’s original campus, which opened in 1695. It is the oldest college building in the United States. The chapel’s first wedding took place in 1860. Thousands of couples have since married here. Our couple Ashley and Jan met while attending college here, and naturally have a great appreciation and fascination with the history within its walls. It was perfect for them to marry at Wren Chapel, surrounded by family, friends and classmates they met while attending William and Mary. Their weekend included a Japanese rehearsal dinner at their favorite local sushi spot, and a night of beer-drinking at beloved local watering holes.


Wren Chapel, College of William and Mary

Ashley and Jan were married in the historic Wren Chapel on the William and Mary campus.