Hotel California

The Hotel California is one of the most unique locations for Mexico destination weddings we’ve ever seen. Set in the quaint, coastal town of Todos Santos, Hotel California is just a short drive from the luxurious Los Cabos. When you walk into this enchanting hotel, you are immediately captivated by the dimly lit, brightly colored, winding passageways. While the band The Eagles maintains this is not the place their song “Hotel California” is based on, the hotel looks remarkably similar to the one featured on the Eagles’ “Hotel California” album cover, making it a one-of-a-kind wedding location for couples who love old-world Mexico, and also a bit of rock-and-roll folklore.
These are the top 3 reasons we recommend Hotel California for your wedding:
1. We love the quaint Mexico town of Todos Santos.
2. You can have a beach wedding ceremony, with a reception at the Hotel California.
3. With 11 gorgeous hotel rooms, it’s perfect for smaller, intimate Mexico weddings.


Hotel California, Todos Santos, Mexico

The Hotel California in Todos Santos remains one of our favorite wedding destinations of all time.