Little Church of the West

There are three ways to have a Las Vegas wedding: 1) Cheese it up in a campy Vegas ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator 2) Go all out for a glamorous, sophisticated, stylish wedding in one of the high-end resorts 3) Find a happy medium between 1 & 2.
Chrisman Studios’ owners Ben and Erin had their legal wedding ceremony at the adorable Little Church of the West, just off the Vegas strip. They wanted a Vegas wedding, but didn’t necessarily want to be cheesy about it. Little Church of the West is a rustic-looking chapel famous for being the site of Elvis and Ann-Margret’s vows in the movie “Viva Las Vegas.” You can have a very normal ceremony here, or camp it up however you want. The chapel lends itself to going either way.
Erin may have worn a black minidress, but the ceremony was all sweetness and seriousness.


Little Church of the West, Las Vegas, Nevada

Erin and I had originally planned to just have our bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, but we just couldn’t help having a Vegas wedding as well.