Palace of Fine Arts

Without a doubt, one of the most popular San Francisco wedding locations is the Palace of Fine Arts. On any given day, it is typical to see brides and grooms on the property, having their engagement or bridal portraits made, or photos on the wedding day. Several of our clients have chosen the Palace for their ceremonies and portraits. The architecture is stunning, and the property itself feels very romantic with the ponds, swans and greenery.


Palace of Fine Arts; San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, California

LA couple chooses two iconic San Francisco venues for their wedding day.


Palace of Fine Arts; Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, California

A windy day in San Francisco makes for ethereal photos at the Palace of Fine Arts, with a reception at the Ritz-Carlton.

Tamra’s Bridal

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California

We photographed Tamra’s bridal portraits in various spots around San Francisco, one of her favorite cities.