Sutro Baths, San Francisco, California

She remembers every moment of their first meeting. They were standing in line at a coffee shop in Colorado Springs. She remembers seeing him in front of her and thinking ‘this guy is taking way too long to order.’ She eventually got her drink, and they briefly glanced at each other. She sat down and began studying. He came over and started talking with her. 

In their brief conversation, she felt an intensity that she didn’t understand. It was so intense that she made up an excuse and said she had to go. “I definitely felt a connection, but it freaked me out because I didn’t know what that was,” she said. 

Alex and Greg went on their first date a week later. Right after the date, she told her mom and her sister that she could see herself marrying him. 

And so she will, come May. 

Alex and Greg chose the romantic setting of Sutro Baths for their engagement photos in San Francisco. The photos reflect the quiet love between them, the close connection they share, and the comfort they feel in each other’s presence. We are so excited to be there for them again in May for their wedding in Big Sur!

Authored by: Photographed by: RyanCategory:  EngagementsTag:  engagement sessionDestination:  San Francisco, CaliforniaVenue:  Sutro Baths