Allison&Kushal Enagement

Sausalito, California

Allison and Kushal had been on one date, and then their communications kinda fizzled as regular life and work and such took over.

But then, one day when Allison was in the middle of a 24-hour hospital shift, Kushal texted her out of the blue saying he was driving past the hospital with strawberries he’d just bought from a roadside stand. She was not in the headspace of wanting to date anyone at that point, but she decided to meet up with him anyway, and they sat on a bench outside the hospital, eating strawberries and reconnecting. 

Allison realized in that moment that she could be real with him. It was a totally different feeling than she’d ever had before. 

Kushal and Allison both acted on a gut feeling, a whim. Or… really what they did was follow their hearts. And now here we are, showing you their engagement photos, taken around Sausalito and Marin, with their faithful German Shepherd, Simba, along for the ride. Simba is a big part of their little family, and my favorite photos here are the ones with him!

Allison and Kushal are getting married this fall in a combination Jewish-Indian wedding in Cloverdale, CA.  

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