Stanford University, Stanford, California

Connor concocted what must be the most elaborate, original marriage proposal we have ever heard. He had planned to propose to Brittany during a family vacation in Hawaii. He was going to arrive earlier than her, along with his parents, so he had a little time to plan. Here’s the story in Connor’s own words:

“I was inspired by the coral writings people leave on the volcanic rock along the roads, so I decided to spell out a message on the sea floor in the reef we would snorkel at every day. The day before Brittany arrived, I went to the beach with my brothers (ages 13, 15 and 22). I picked a spot about 20-30 yards out in the water, where my brothers would swim small bags of black lava rocks from the shore to me. I spent about five hours spelling out “Brittany, will you marry me?” on the ocean floor (it was a larger endeavor than I had initially planned).

When Brittany arrived, the first thing I did was take her snorkeling. While swimming back in, I pointed out the rocks spelled out on the ground. When she saw it, she popped out of the water, said yes, and kissed me. My family brought the ring, along with a bottle of champagne and left them on our towel for when we got back to shore, where I officially got down on my knee. Brittany and I each took a rock from the note, which we still keep at home.”

Brittany and Connor met at Stanford University as students, and they will be married at the Stanford Memorial Church on campus this summer. It’s also where we shot their engagement photos. We had such a fun time wandering around with these two, and can’t wait to meet them back there in June for the big day.

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