Charleston, South Carolina

On the day that would have been their rehearsal dinner, Mackenzie and James’ florist and wedding coordinators came over to Mackenzie’s parents house and set up a flower arch in their small courtyard. The flowers had been ordered long ago for their wedding day, and by the time the family made the decision to postpone the wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was too late to cancel the flowers which had already been delivered from the suppliers. 

So everyone made the most of it by using the flowers for a “change-the-date” card! Their talented Charleston florist Roadside Blooms spent hours building the flower arch and creating smaller arrangements, in an effort to make use of as many of the flowers as they could. Their amazing Charleston wedding coordinators A Fox Event oversaw everything and brought us in to photograph the change-the-date card, as well as just document all of these gorgeous flowers that would otherwise go to waste. 

After a few engagement-style photos in Mackenzie’s parents’ beautiful historic neighborhood, her brother sabered the champagne (well, TWO bottles of champagne, as the first didn’t quite work out!), the family shared a toast, and then we made a few portraits in front of the flower arch for their card. And of course it wouldn’t be a complete quarantine event without some Coronas (in this case, the smaller Coronitas) on hand. 

It was a bittersweet day, knowing that instead of beginning their wedding weekend with all their family and friends, they would instead have a simple takeout dinner with her family before flying home to Houston the next day. But it was also a beautiful example of how everyone is making the best of a difficult, unprecedented situation and trying to do their part to stop the virus. Unfortunately for couples all over the world, that means postponing their weddings to future dates, without even knowing whether those future dates will be safe either. For Mackenzie and James, they’re hoping August 22 is in the clear for their wedding at Runnymede Plantation