Las Vegas, Nevada

Last night Tamra, Chris and I stayed up until 2 a.m. photographing their Las Vegas engagement session. We went up and down the strip, then to the old-school downtown and ended up drinking wine at the Wynn to end the night. Tamra flew in her make-up artist Nicole from L.A. and Chris hired a bodyguard to help make sure the tourists weren’t always in the photographs, which was really pretty helpful (photo below of Eric). We had a good time all night, and Chris even won a hundred bucks gambling. Tamra and Chris, who live in Dallas, are getting married this November in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and I’m counting on a very, very lively night south of the border.
I have a wedding here in Vegas on Saturday, so I’ll be here a few more days. Vlad flies in tomorrow morning to shoot the video for the wedding, which is going to be a really beautiful ceremony on Lake Las Vegas. So, more photos hopefully after the weekend. But first, here are a few frames from last night.

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