Austin, Texas

Anne and Bill are fellow wedding photographers whom we have known for several years through the Foundation Workshop, a photojournalism workshop we are involved in.
Even though Anne and Bill are already married, they still make a point to have friends photograph them from time to time. And what makes it so fun is how they still act like teenagers who just met. They play with food, laugh constantly and will do anything for a photo (which included getting kicked out of a hotel we weren’t supposed to be in).
We had a blast exploring the quirky areas of Austin, where you can buy vintage neon, snack on vegan cupcakes and sip on hard-to-find European beers, not to mention hear some of the best live music in the country. We only got to spend a few days in Austin, but we’re already trying to find a way to get back.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  FriendsDestination:  Austin, Texas