Hatten Family: Hilton Head Island Vacation

Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

This Hilton Head vacation was medicine for this busy family trying to get through a pandemic quarantine. 

After quarantining for months already at home in Washington D.C., the Hattens knew they needed an escape, and a way to have valuable family time in a different setting.

“We were desperate for a change of scenery, and this beach vacation was just what we needed,” mom Erin said. “The boys are at such fun ages right now, and it’s incredible to see them change by the minute. Oliver learned to dive and boogie board the day Ben came to take the photos. Henry would have sat in my lap all day doing drip castles. He is still my baby for a little longer. We have been spending so much time together in quarantine, and it was nice to step back and appreciate the moments versus being relieved another day has passed.”

The Hattens rented a home at the Sea Pines Resort, along with Erin’s parents, whom they hadn’t spent time with since Memorial Day weekend, as a precautionary measure. The week was all about quality time together, away from laptops and Zoom calls and the daily grind of being stuck at home together in a quarantine. Even though it was only temporary, it was worth it.

“The beach is such a calming, happy place for me,” Erin said. The simplicity of their time there was healing for them, “just watching the joy in the boys’ faces as they played in the sand or listening to their laughter chasing birds on the beach,” she said. “Those simple pleasures seem to never lose their novelty. Plus, in my opinion there are very few things that beat sitting in a beach chair in the warm sun, toes in the sand, with your eyes closed listening to the wind blow and the waves crash against the shore.” 

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