Charleston Proposal Photography on Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

This beautiful Charleston proposal happened right on the beach on Sullivan’s Island, as the couple’s family waited back at their beach house to celebrate their engagement. 

New York couple Alex and Tony were staying at Alex’s family beach house on Sullivan’s Island. Tony told Alex they should go for a late-afternoon walk on the beach. When they got out close to the water, Tony got his cell phone out to take a selfie of them. Then he turned to face Alex, got down on one knee, and held an engagement ring out to her. She was super surprised as she listened to his words, asking her to marry him. She said yes, threw her arms around him, and then Tony pointed out Ben who had been pretending to be a tourist on the beach with his camera. Alex had a big laugh over this! Then they headed back to the house where their families were waiting to congratulate them.

Having the opportunity to photograph a proposal in Charleston is such an honor. We love the thrill of making a plan but never really knowing how it will all unfold, and then of course getting to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments where a couple goes from just dating to making the decision to get married. There is nothing like it! 

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