Diablo Country Club

Everyone wanted Kim to be the one.

Three years ago we were in Jamaica photographing Whitney and Russell’s Montego Bay wedding. Russell’s brother Bobby had this beautiful, sweet blonde girl with him at the wedding. I pulled Whitney aside and asked for the scoop. She said “That’s Kim. They’re just dating right now, but we’re all really hoping they get engaged.”

After that weekend in Jamaica, I thought Kim was one of the nicest people I had ever met, and I joined the Kim-and-Bobby-Please-Get-Engaged Club. About a year and a half later, everyone got their wish.

Kim and Bobby live in New York City but were married at the Diablo Country Club, where Bobby’s parents live. Kim and Bobby both grew up in the Bay Area. We have gotten to know this family very well since the Jamaica wedding, and it was just such a fun day being around these fantastic people again – especially shooting the first look and some of the portraits at Bobby’s gorgeous family home in the hills of Diablo.


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