Santiago, Mexico

A pianist and an opera singer fall in love and get married in her father’s recently completed dream house in Santiago, Mexico. There are beautiful, emotional moments of love and tenderness. And then there are moments of hauling a shopping cart of booze up four flights of a narrow staircase.

That is Alex and Patrick’s life together – a perfect mix of serious and playful, spontaneous and planned. One thing is sure though – there is never a dull moment around this vivacious girl. She is bubbly, bold, chatty, and an instant friend to everyone she meets (including another bride she ran into on her wedding day outside the church).

Alex and Patrick live in Texas but invited all their friends and family to Alex’s father’s home in Santiago for the wedding celebration, with a ceremony before that at a local church. Our photographer Ryan spent the day before the wedding watching Alex and Patrick rehearse their wedding reception performance with the string quartet. It was a treat to see these two perform together – both supremely talented and with a deep connection that elevates the music they make together. After their performance, the reception erupted into an unhinged party of direct tequila pours and raucous hijinks, which is exactly what we love about Mexico weddings.

The next day, Alex and Patrick had a day-after portrait session with Ryan, where they explored the green, lush landscape of Monterrey, returned to the gorgeous church where they were married, and relaxed into that blissful feeling of knowing you just had the best party of your life, and now you get to spend the rest of your days as husband and wife.

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