Charleston, South Carolina

Matthew and I go all the way back to high school. I was the sole girl in a very tight circle of best friends, and Matt was one of them. He was quiet, kind and hilarious, in that dry, subtle way that you really have to listen out for. He was a unique character, an individual who never felt he had to be anyone other than who he was. And we all loved him for that. 

Matt is still that same guy, and amazingly, he met a girl who is his perfect match. Amanda is sharp and highly accomplished, quiet, and funny in that same subtle way that Matt is. She is caring, and fiercely loyal to those she loves. 

Their wedding weekend started with a sunset cruise Friday evening around Charleston Harbor, which was such an awesome reunion for our group of friends who now go back 25 years! It was also great to get to meet the people most important to Amanda. The wedding itself was at Matt’s parents’ legendary waterfront home, which has been in their family since it was built, in 1867. His mother was born and raised there, and there have been family weddings and parties there since its beginning. Matt’s uncle and grandmother have homes on the property as well. 

Amanda and Matt exchanged vows on the lawn, and I loved watching them sneak little glances to one another. Amanda had told us earlier that she wanted the reception to feel like home, and that’s exactly what it felt like – kids playing and running around the yard, traditional Southern food, a bluegrass band, and friends simply hanging out and catching up. It’s what I would imagine people have been doing on that gorgeous lawn for generations. There’s a lot of history in this home already, and Matt and Amanda’s wedding is now part of that rich storyline. 

Wedding design and coordination by YOJ Events, and gorgeous design and florals by Framptons of Charleston. See our other Charleston weddings here


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