Borgo Tre Rose, Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy

I’ll just go ahead and say it. Claude is a formidable dude – tall, strong, heavily tattooed, and built like a truck. He is a hockey player. And I think it’s safe to say any of us would be pretty freaked out to see this guy coming at us on the ice.

So it was especially moving to see someone of his size and stature breaking down at the mere sight of Amy coming toward him down the aisle. It was 97 degrees Fahrenheit for their Tuscany wedding day, and Claude alternated between wiping tears and wiping sweat. As intimidating as he may look, he is one of the most sentimental, tender-hearted grooms we’ve ever encountered. Also the best-dressed. I mean, he had a custom inner lining sewn into his suit jacket with a pattern of 1950s pinup models.

Amy is the self-described “quiet” one – beautiful and sweet, caring and warm. When she smiles it’s like an explosion of joy, and everyone around her feels it. Sounds over the top, but it’s true.

Quiet though she may be, she’s the first to admit she was quite the partier back in the day. She and Claude, who live in Switzerland, met through the Zurich club scene eight years ago, in the days when Amy would spike her jet-black hair in every direction. Claude was hooked from the moment he saw her photo on a nightclub social media website.

So how did a couple from Zurich find us? One of their mutual loves is the city of San Francisco – they frequently vacation here, and they even got engaged here. And they thought they wanted to get married here. So during one of their San Francisco trips, they came over and met with us. At the time, they were choosing between a San Francisco wedding and a Tuscany wedding. We love our San Francisco, but we were definitely pushing for Tuscany! Amy and Claude ultimately chose the quaint Borgo Tre Rose hotel in Montepulciano, which provided a breathtaking backdrop. The wedding group took up the entire hotel and partied for several days straight.

After a sweet, tearful wedding ceremony on the lawn, Amy and Claude turned Borgo Tre Rose into their own outdoor nightclub, with colored spotlights and sweaty, uninhibited dancing. The night ended with…. you guessed it… our favorite… everyone jumping into the pool in either their formal clothes or their underwear – including Ben and me. Well, I got thrown in. Ben stripped and jumped of his own volition. Hey, it was 97 degrees! Can you blame us?

Amy and Claude, we adore you guys and all your wild and crazy friends and family. Your wedding was one for the books! See you soon in San Francisco.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsTag:  destination weddingDestination:  Montepulciano, Tuscany, ItalySetting:  Outdoor Wedding; Vineyard WeddingVenue:  Borgo Tre Rose