Old Wide Awake Park, Charleston, South Carolina

Our grandfather called her Dinkus, because she was a tiny little thing, and the baby of our family. My mom still calls her that. Most of us just call her Cori. But now a guy we’ve all grown to love very much gets to call her his wife.

My family on my mother’s side is small, and very tight. Cori, my youngest cousin, beloved for her fun, loud, sassy personality, is one of the family’s most persistent, enthusiastic organizers of get-togethers. She loves family, and pushes everyone to spend time together as much as possible. I’ve always adored her for that.

She and Kyle have been together more than 10 years already, since they were teenagers. We always loved Kyle, and kept our fingers crossed that they would end up together. But because they were so young, and we all know how that goes, we weren’t keeping our hopes up. But after many years and a few breakups and get-back-togethers, Kyle is still here, and their relationship is stronger than ever (and they seem to adore one another more with every year).

Their wedding at Old Wide Awake Park, just outside Charleston, South Carolina, has been in the works for years. And it was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever experienced – lots of tears, laughs, a gorgeous outdoor ceremony by the water, and a raucous party afterward. Ben and I loved getting the chance to celebrate with our family, and it was even better knowing our fabulously talented Mauricio Arias was there to capture it all. Ben shot occasionally throughout the day as well – a few of these photos are his. And we were lucky to have our good friend Bryan Surgener there as Mauricio’s dedicated second photographer.

It’s always a rare treat for a wedding photographer to get to go to a wedding as a guest, but seeing someone you love so much, who you’ve watched grow up, marry the person she’s so clearly meant to be with… well it’s a whole other level. And my heart is full.

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