Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel, New Hampshire; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; New England

As Emily’s bridesmaids were helping her put her formal wedding shoes on, she hesitated and said, “You know, I really don’t like shoes. Would it be bad if I didn’t wear them for the ceremony?” Everyone agreed it was her wedding – she could do whatever she wanted. So she walked out of the hotel barefoot and didn’t put shoes on again until the next morning.

And let me tell you, boy did we love our little barefoot bride, who remained shoeless for her church ceremony, reception, and even during portraits as we walked the sidewalks and streets around the town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Emily and Nate stole our hearts from Emily’s very first enthusiastic email: “I feel the pictures are the most important detail of the wedding.  I feel that having you guys would leave everyone speechless!! I know we would be going a little over budget, but no other photographer has given me the feeling and satisfaction that your pictures have!! Plus, we still have a year and that leaves me plenty of overtime shifts in the ER :)”

Over that year Emily would update us on the wedding plans, and sometimes we would write each other just to say hi. It was easy to see why Nate fell in love with her. Every interaction with Emily is a complete joy. She didn’t go even 15 minutes on her wedding day without telling someone she loved them, including the makeup artist, the videographer, and even us. Love, adoration and pure happiness seem to emanate from her very pores. She loves passionately, lives fearlessly, and doesn’t take one second of her life for granted.

And lastly, I can’t resist sharing one more little tidbit about this wedding. It turns out it wasn’t the overtime shifts in the ER, but a lucky gambling win that made this all possible. Emily told us this story the night we met up with her in Portsmouth two days before the wedding:

“Months before we were even engaged, I had googled “Best wedding photographers in the world.”  You guys came up.  I then would look and dream while going through pictures and reading the blogs posted about every couple. I couldn’t imagine you at our wedding. 🙂  We then got engaged and I thought… I have a date now, I am going to inquire 🙂   You (Erin) wrote me back right away and answered all my questions. Literally a week later I went to the casino and won $6300!!   It was a sign!!  I was meant to have you and Ben.  You worked out a payment plan and Nate said “This is your dream, we should do it.”   I then booked you both and the planning began!!  Best decision we could ever make.  Love you both!!”

Thank you Emily and Nate for taking a gamble on us! We love you too, and are so lucky to call you our friends now.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  New Hampshire; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; New EnglandSetting:  Church WeddingVenue:  Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel