Hotel Boca Chica, Acapulco, Mexico

The pure style of this wedding would be enough for me. I could look at these colors and flourishes and design details all day long, and be totally captivated. But that’s not all that’s going on here.

Erandi and Zach are two wonderfully interesting and unique people who are deeply in love and the best of friends, and the power of that love and the power of their friendships are what really fueled this beautiful Acapulco wedding weekend. So allow yourself to be distracted, delighted and inspired by this midcentury-modern wedding, but take a look at what is beneath as well, because that is where the magic really lies.

Erandi is originally from Mexico City, and she and her family used to vacation in Acapulco. So she was naturally drawn to the area already. Then when she found Hotel Boca Chica, which was in the Elvis Presley movie “Fun in Acapulco,”everything started to come together. “I wanted the wedding to be midcentury modern because the hotel is very much like that,” Erandi said. Boca Chica was a famous hotel in its heydey, became neglected and run-down over the years, and has since been restored to its original splendor.

Erandi and Zach bought the hotel out so it could be all theirs for the weekend. They brought in their own floats for the pool, and the wedding designer found special touches like the colorful cocktail tables shaped like martini glasses. Zach’s mother handmade the bridesmaids’ 1960s psychedelic dresses.

A lot of things also just came together organically for this wedding. For the ceremony processional music, only two hours before the wedding Erandi’s mother decided to hire a band that had been playing on the beach all week. They played traditional village wedding songs, and everyone loved it. The fireworks display at the reception was supposed to go off on the beach in front of the hotel, but “they shot them 15 feet from our heads,” Zach said. The fireworks started at the beginning of the first dance, and happened to end exactly when the song ended. “It worked so perfectly,” Erandi said.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Mexico destination wedding without everyone jumping in the pool at the end. Except… everyone jumped in much earlier because of how hot it was, so the whole dance party took place in the pool. The party went on until the sun came up, and Mauricio was there for every sing-along, splash and shenanigan, even getting one last portrait of Erandi and Zach before heading to bed.

There is an energy in these photos that is palpable. There is love, and tenderness, and wildness, and the thrill of seeing two people celebrate their most cherished relationships. And that’s what I mean by saying there’s more going on here than just a beautifully designed wedding. There is a feeling here that wouldn’t exist without these very specific people. “The feel and style just happened magically because of the people who were there,” Zach said. “That’s our crew. It just fit. It was all love. It was perfect.”