Gatekeepers Museum, Lake Tahoe, California

During their first conversation while attending law school in Davis, CA., Erin and Jason discovered yet another similarity between them. Coincidentally, they had both planned a skiing trip the next day in Lake Tahoe. Needless to say, they arranged to meet up that evening, became inseparable, and in the coming years, Erin and Jason would return to the natural beauty of the renowned scenic mountains for their own wedding.
Following a tearful and heartfelt ceremony near the Lake Tahoe shore, guests enjoyed perfect weather between the towering pines of the Gatekeepers Museum while the setting sun cast rays of warm light through the picture perfect surroundings. As children skipped rocks across the glossy lake surface mirroring the deep blues and purples of the evening sky, soon the night gave way to an abundance of festivities and dancing.
Thank you, Erin and Jason, for including me in your celebration, and to fellow associate Mauricio Arias who is responsible for many of the photos seen here.