Garden Pavilion, Sonoma, Wine Country, California

Shahid grew up in New Delhi, and then moved to San Francisco 10 years ago for his job. After six years being in the U.S., his company sent him back to India for one year to work on a specific project. During that year, Genevieve, who worked for the same company but in a different location – Charlotte, N.C. – was also sent to India for three months to work on a project. 

The two met, and the connection was pretty much instantaneous, so much so that a week after Genevieve left India, she booked a flight to come back and visit Shahid. At the same time, she also put in an application to be transferred to the San Francisco office, where Shahid would be returning after his stint in India. “One of our common friends reminded me that the night I met Genevieve I said I was going to marry her one day,” Shahid told me. “It was pretty clear to me from the get-go.” 

They have now been in San Francisco together since 2014. For their wedding, they wanted a destination location where their friends and family could make a trip out of it and stay the whole weekend. Garden Pavilion in Sonoma was the perfect fit. 

Their Garden Pavilion wedding was small, sweet and intimate, and the perfect warm-up for what was to come next. 

Two weeks after their Sonoma wedding, Genevieve and Shahid returned to India for a huge Indian wedding with six events in two states, and 700 guests. We didn’t get to go to that one, so we’re happy we got to take part in at least one of this sweet couple’s celebrations. It is always a joy to photograph two people clearly destined to be together.


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