Nestldown, Los Gatos, California

Ida and Patrick had a beautiful ceremony in the forest, with smiles and a few tears and all of their loved ones looking on happily. Afterward, they did some portraits with us in the warm afternoon sunlight, and clinked glasses with their friends at cocktail hour.

And then the bride got bit by a donkey.

Things were just going a little too well, Ida and Patrick. You two are adorable, intelligent and worldly, with a wedding in too pretty of a place. So of course Ida got bit by the Nestldown donkey. Patrick took her upstairs to wrap her finger in a bandage, living up to the vow of “in sickness and in health” right off the bat.

Ida and Patrick’s story started several years ago, when they were friends through work at Ericcson. Ida had a boyfriend at the time, and she used to nudge Patrick to participate in online dating. But Patrick, who is from Switzerland, wasn’t looking for a companion at the time, happy to be focused on work and his life in the Bay Area. At some point, Ida started frequently mentioning around the office that she had accrued a bunch of vacation time and wanted someone to go somewhere interesting with her. Patrick was already planning a trip back home to Switzerland, so he thought, well, may as well invite Ida since she wants to travel somewhere. So they went to Switzerland together, and Ida met Patrick’s parents (who were very confused by their “friend” status).

After the trip, Patrick realized he had feelings for Ida after all, despite insisting to his parents that they were just friends. He asked to meet with her, and he told her how he felt. She was about to embark on another trip, this time to Japan. Patrick told her to think about what he said while she was away. She did a lot of thinking on the trip, and realized life was so much more fun and meaningful with Patrick. And well… here we are showing you their wedding photos. AND their video! Here is their Nestldown wedding video, made by Chrisman Studios videographer Vlad Chaloupka

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Los Gatos, CaliforniaVenue:  Nestldown