Athenaeum Club, Pasadena, California

We were connected with Janet and Frank after a destination wedding Mauricio and I shot together in Mexico, where Frank’s daughter Megan was a guest. We had a such a great time hanging out with Megan and her wife Sarah that week, and Megan ended up recommending us to her father and his bride-to-be.

Janet, being a corporate event planner, was involved in every detail of the wedding, and I always loved getting her emails describing the scope of her celebration, especially when she mentioned there would be acrobatic performers at the reception.

This was our first time shooting a wedding at the Athenaeum Club in Pasadena. Mauricio’s photos capture the unique, classical architecture that the Athenaeum clubs are known for. I especially love the indoor-outdoor combination of the main ballroom.

Big thanks to Conrad Lim for helping Mauricio with this gorgeous wedding. You’ll see a  few of his photos in this slideshow.

Authored by: Photographed by: MauricioCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Pasadena, CaliforniaVenue:  Athenaeum Club