Paion Estate, Big Sur, California

Somehow this California girl and this Brazilian boy found their way to one another all the way across the world in Hong Kong.

Jena, a fashion model, is from Bakersfield, CA, but was working in Hong Kong for 3 months when she met Yves, who had been living in Hong Kong for two years for his work in international business. They finally started dating about a year and a half later when they both happened to be in LA – her for a photo shoot and him to visit college friends. They now split their time between Hong Kong and Topanga, CA.

Jena and Yves chose Big Sur for their gorgeous Paion Estate wedding on a cliff overlooking the sea. But honestly for a while there, despite all the meticulous planning and designing of the dream wedding day, it was looking like Yves might not make it to the ceremony. He contracted stomach flu the morning of the wedding and had to be rushed to the hospital. Because of poor cell reception in Big Sur, Jena wasn’t sure all day whether he had recovered enough – until she saw him herself. She said it made her walk down the aisle toward him that much more special.

Jena designed her own wedding gown, and chose the colors and aesthetic of the wedding décor, which was brought to life by Big Sur wedding coordinator Diane Allen and floral and event designer Christine Cater.

“I had a difficult time defining it,” Jena said. “I’d say it was a bit Midsummer Night’s Dream, medieval.  I just put together what was in my mind – colors that I love most, dusty cool colors, all colors of metals, amber, rustic accents mixed with vintage accents, a bit of bohemian vibes as well.”

But of course a beautiful wedding isn’t enough if you don’t have the love of friends and family carrying you through the day and reminding you what this is all really about. Her best friends from childhood were there, as well as one of her best friends whom she met through modeling, and of course her very tight family. Yves’ parents and his daughter were there, and his closest friends as well. “It was all like a dream,” Jena said. “The whole thing was perfect and flowed so well. The spirit was truly like a dream. Everyone there had nothing but love for us, and everyone could feel it.”

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