Victoria, Canada

Since hiring us over a year ago to shoot their October wedding, Jenna and Tristan have attended a photo conference with us, partied with us on St. Patrick’s Day, bought us a pumpkin for Halloween, and spent part of their honeymoon at our house.
It is nearly impossible to aptly describe the effect these two have on those they choose to bring into their circle. Jenna is this bright, beautiful, blonde ball of sunshine who lights up every room she enters. We watched over and over again as her friends and family just melted under her fierce affection and love. And Tristan is her quieter, introspective counterpart who loves a good intellectual conversation and midnight photo adventures walking around unfamiliar towns.
Jenna and Tristan are also fellow wedding photographers who have become our good friends over the past year. Their wedding, in their gorgeous island hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, has been one of the highlights of our year simply because we always have such a rich, fulfilling time with them, whether it’s dancing into the late hours or sitting on the couch reading in silence, each of us with a cup of tea in our hands.
Thank you Jenna and Tristan for treating us like family, and sharing all your wonderful, crazy friends with us. We can’t wait to do it up again soon.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Victoria, Canada