Cicada Club, Los Angeles, California

You know your wedding is going to be memorable when your guests start a betting pool at the rehearsal dinner about how many times you’ll cry.

Without telling the bride and groom, Jennifer and Robert’s guests placed bets the night before the wedding on how many times Jenn would cry and at which points in the day, and on whether Robert would cry at all.

“Nobody, including Jenn, could have predicted how many times she would cry,” Robert said. “Hint – A LOT. The winner, one of Jenn’s bridesmaids, received half the winnings and we got the other half.”

Jenn and Robert held both their ceremony and reception at the famous Cicada Club in downtown Los Angeles. Even though they initially wanted an outdoor wedding, once they saw the inside of the historic art deco nightclub, they knew it was the place. And considering they had already had the blues and soul band Blowin’ Smoke in mind for the reception, everything just started to fall into place after the venue decision.

“Every aspect exceeded the high hopes a couple has for a wedding,” Robert said. “In light of that, towards the end we realized we had achieved our primary goal of celebrating our marriage with the best party we’ll ever attend. As we mentioned to our guests in a welcome speech, as much as it was a celebration of us, for Jenn and me it was also a beautiful tribute to Jenn’s mother and to those we’ve been so lucky to call friends and family.”

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