San Francisco City Hall; 25 Lusk, San Francisco, California

“Which one of you ladies is going to make me a s’more?”

Chris was just trying to be funny, but Jenny got up and made the man a s’more anyway. They were at a party and didn’t even know each other yet. And now here they are, 11 years later, looking back on a life full of love and challenges, easy days and hard days – times where she was the one supporting him, and times when he was the one supporting her. “We hustled together,” Jenny said.

There were times when they needed to step up and prove themselves to one another, and prove their commitment to the relationship. They never let each other down. They built a strong partnership this way, which made their friends and family all the more eager to celebrate their official union. 

Jenny and Chris married in a private ceremony on the steps inside San Francisco City Hall. Afterward, everyone went to the restaurant 25 Lusk for dinner and dancing. Jenny told me that she didn’t want this to feel like a traditional wedding reception. “I wanted it to be like a group of friends go together and had a great time,” she said. Looks like she got her wish. 

Authored by: Photographed by: MauricioCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  San Francisco, CaliforniaVenue:  San Francisco City Hall; 25 Lusk