San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara, California

“We could be staring at a wall and I’d have a good time with him.” 

Kim and Garett have been together 16 years, and maintain a playful, fun, adventurous chemistry that has kept their relationship continually fresh and always interesting. Mauricio got to witness this firsthand during their San Francisco engagement session

For their wedding, Kim and Garett chose to marry at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara. A couple of weeks before the wedding, Kim emphasized to us that Garett “wants his shower shot.” Garett prides himself on being a little offbeat, and hilarious, and also didn’t want to let Kim have all the attention. We were happy to give Garett his shower shot. 

After their beautiful ceremony on this spectacular property (just look at that lavender!), they partied like pros with their friends and family. 

Kim and Garett have been an inspiring couple to us – beautiful inside and out, committed and respectful to one another, fun and unpredictable, open-minded and enthusiastic, and, most of all, deliriously in love. 

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