Liberty House, Jersey City, New Jersey

Reno’s parents are pretty awesome people. So awesome that their first date – and I mean first time even meeting in person – was a five-mile mud run. “Our very first date, we were crawling through mud, swimming across a river and climbing over walls and obstacles,” Brian told me. “I knew then that any woman willing to get messy like that on a first date must be a keeper.”

And Reno is so awesome that he just couldn’t wait for his future parents to tie the knot before joining their fun, adventurous life.

Lori and Brian have been together since 2012, meeting on a fitness dating website. During that time they had a beautiful son together, whom they named Reno. When they began planning their New Jersey wedding at the Liberty House, with its stunning views of New York City, it was very obvious this wasn’t just a wedding for the two of them, but rather a commitment ceremony for all three of them – Lori, Brian and Reno. And Reno was a very prominent part of the day, even walking Lori down the aisle.

“Having him there with us and including him in our vows meant so very much to us,” Brian said. “It wasn’t just her and I getting married that day, it was us also making a promise to Reno to be the most loving parents we could be.”


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