San Francisco, California

During Lou and Neil’s wedding reception, people started telling me that a rainbow was coming out and that I should get them outside for photos. My first thought was that Lou and Neil might think a shot of them under a rainbow could be a little cliché considering the circumstances. But as always, they jumped out into the street smiling, laughing and being completely in love and oblivious to anything but each other. Lou and Neil have a connection that is incredible to witness, and regardless of whether the state recognizes their marriage officially, they are certainly one of the most committed and crazy-in-love couples I have ever met. Erin and I couldn’t have been happier to have witnessed their wedding, and we’ll be just as proud when we see them go down to City Hall and file a marriage license once the state of California reverses the current gay-marriage laws.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  San Francisco, CaliforniaType:  Same-Sex Wedding