Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio

Mark another win for online dating. I present to you two people clearly destined to partner up for life. Not only do they kinda look alike, as they are often mates, but they are such a perfect match that their true selves manifest most fully and authentically only when they are together. 

We saw it happen at their wedding in Cleveland, Ohio. Margot and Joel would have been totally fine getting married in their living room with just the two of them present. They are quiet, understated people who did not need the fanfare and spotlight that weddings normally bring. But there were people in their lives who wanted to celebrate them – and celebrate big – so their wedding became a 250-person black-tie affair at the Cleveland Museum of Art with the amazing Sly Band brought in from Cincinnati and florals – by Heatherlily – That rivaled any celebrity wedding we’ve seen. They also chose to get married in the same church that their parents married in. 

In the car from the church to the reception, one of the few times Margot and Joel had all day to be alone (ish), Margot said, “well, this is the last time I’ll probably see you all night,” referencing how most couples get swept up and separated in the chaos of a party where everyone wants time with them. But here’s the cool thing that happened. They stayed on one of the other’s side, almost the entire reception, from cocktail hour to the last dance. It happened organically. Like magnets, it seemed impossible for one to drift away without resistance. 

When they are apart, they are fidgety and restless and watching the clock, as if they are aware of their other half is missing. When they are together, you can feel the pieces falling into place, the two halves relieved to be whole again. An ease relaxes their expressions and their tension, and you see the best of them. 

As they say, the wedding is only one day. Marriage is for life. Margot and Joel showed that they appreciated a beautiful party thrown in their honor, they will be totally fine settling into normal life and being married, because they are married means they are together, for life. And that’s their true happy place. 

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Authored by: Photographed by: Erin & BenCategory:  WeddingsTag:  indoor wedding; romantic weddingDestination:  Ohio; Cleveland, OhioVenue:  Cleveland Museum of Art