Sutter Club, Sacramento, California

When they had finally made it to the altar together, after Marguerite’s tearful walk down the aisle with her father, Ryan instinctually kissed her on the cheek, causing everyone to giggle and the minister to joke “Now that’s not supposed to happen until later.” Ryan kissed her again after he put her ring on her finger, and at least one more time, before the “official” first kiss. Ryan later told Marguerite he knew she was nervous and emotional and just wanted to comfort her. As he told her this, she nodded knowingly. This is just how Ryan is. To me, it represented how perfectly in sync these two are.

In the limo, on the way to the reception, Ryan launched into all these funny stories from his getting-ready time with the guys. It was obvious that Marguerite is the first person he wants to tell when something interesting happens, and he couldn’t wait to catch her up on everything that had happened during their hours apart.

These two also have a serene peacefulness about them when they are together – it’s the look that people have when they know everything is right in their world, and that they have made the right decisions about the kind of person they want to be, and the kind of person they want to be with.  It’s an inspiring thing to witness.

After the ceremony, as we were posing and adjusting Ryan and Marguerite for portraits, they both had such huge, joyful smiles on their faces, even between shots. It was obvious it wasn’t just for our cameras. I said to Marguerite, “You look so happy.” And she looked over at her new husband, squeezed his hand, and said, more to him than to me, “I am happy.”

(Thank you to Mauricio Arias for joining us at the wedding. Several of the photos are his.)

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Sacramento, CaliforniaSetting:  Church WeddingVenue:  Sutter Club