St. Regis San Francisco, San Francisco, California

During Neha and Arjun’s Indian wedding ceremony, composed of centuries-old traditions and symbolism, the pundit asked them to press their hands against one another’s chests. Neha put her hand on Arjun’s chest, but Arjun hesitated and glanced out at the crowd with an uncomfortable look on his face, not sure where he should actually put his hand.

Laughter erupted throughout the ceremony tent, and Arjun finally settled on a spot a little higher than Neha’s actual chest. It was a fitting, hilarious moment for these two, who constantly look for the humor in life, and are always making each other laugh.

We learned this about them during their Berkeley engagement session, and saw it over and over on their wedding day. We also witnessed how enamored they are with one another. They frequently stare into each other’s eyes with admiration, and they seem to love thinking of thoughtful things to surprise one another with. Later in the evening, when it was time to cut the cake, Arjun surprised everyone – especially Neha – by serenading her with the song “Lady in Red,” completely a cappella.

We felt really lucky to be there for them on such a fun, colorful day of love and celebration. Not only was it our first St. Regis San Francisco wedding, but it was also our first fully traditional Indian wedding. We were also lucky to have our talented associate photographer Mauricio Arias helping us out on this wedding. You’ll see some of his amazing photos in the slideshow above.


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