Lake Tahoe, California

We first talked with Paige and Alex over two years ago. They were both in the Navy at the time (Paige still is), and Paige was about to set out on a battleship for the next two years. But she was already engaged to Alex, and they were planning their wedding, so those long months out at sea were made even longer by missing her fiancé, who was also serving in the Navy in a different part of the world. She said it was a really difficult time. So on the night of the rehearsal dinner, Paige told me she would look at my Web site on the ship, and the photos helped her get through those lonely months of waiting by helping her imagine her own wedding day to come. Hearing that story was a big motivator for me to do a good job for her. I hope the photos live up to her expectations.

Authored by: Photographed by: BenCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Lake Tahoe, CaliforniaSetting:  Mountain Wedding; Lake Wedding