Grace Cathedral; Fairmont San Francisco, San Francisco, California

I watched the men tear up, one after the other, as they listened to Trey’s tributes to them, as they heard all the things he has felt about them, the impact they have made on his life. Most of them had never heard these sentiments vocalized, until now. With a lump in my throat, I thought about how the same thing was happening in Sarah’s suite, as she spoke privately to the women in her life. 

Sarah and Trey did something I’ve never seen any couple do before. They gave speeches to their closest friends and relatives in their hotel suites before the wedding. There were things they needed to say that were intensely personal, things meant only for these ears that were present in that moment, not necessarily all 200 guests. I don’t think anyone was prepared to feel the emotions that arose. But it was one of the most beautiful and poignant moments I have ever witnessed on a wedding day. And it says everything about who Sarah and Trey are. 

They love deeply, with loyalty and commitment. They are giving, and thoughtful, and selfless. They lead very busy lives but somehow find time to make everyone in their circles know they are thought of and cared for. 

Sarah and Trey have an interesting background, as their families are in the same industry and worked together when Sarah and Trey were just kids. When Sarah and Trey found their way to one another as adults, at Trey’s cousin’s wedding, there was an instant attraction. They were seated together at the same table, and, when everyone else left the table, they found themselves alone. The conversation started then, and didn’t end until 4 a.m., with the two of them in a hammock together gazing at the stars. “I knew right then and there,” Sarah told me. 

They were married at Grace Cathedral, with a reception at The Fairmont. We found ourselves mesmerized the entire day by the beauty of San Francisco, the kindness of these two families, their history, the emotions, the way that Trey looks at Sarah as if she is the most exquisite creature he has ever seen. It was one of those days where everything just feels right, and you feel nothing but happiness for the people you’re photographing because you know they’ve made the right decisions. You can see their future, and it’s a good one. 


Authored by: Photographed by: Erin & BenCategory:  WeddingsTag:  indoor wedding; romantic wedding; vintage weddingDestination:  San Francisco, CaliforniaSetting:  Church WeddingVenue:  Grace Cathedral; Fairmont San Francisco