District Architecture Center, Washington D.C.

Mark another one down for! We have photographed so many couples who met through, so apparently they’re doing something right over there.

This time they matched a tattooed Burning Man-goer from the suburbs with a city girl who’s originally from the Philippines. In the beginning, they didn’t have much in common but something kept pulling them together. They got to know one another through emails, and eventually went on their first date, to a dive bar and then to dinner. And now here we are, showing you their wedding photos.

Sheila and J chose the District Architecture Center in Washington D.C. for their modern, colorful wedding. It’s a space that hasn’t been used much for weddings, serving mainly as office space for an architecture firm, plus classrooms and exhibit space. The ceremony and reception took place amid hues of blue and purple, and artistic lighting designs projected onto the walls. The ceremony saw many happy tears; the dance floor saw many butt grabs and tie pulls.

In the time since their first date, Sheila and J have melded their lives around one another and now have so many common interests, such as traveling, rock climbing, scuba diving and music. And a lot of interesting friends. “A bunch of drag queens crashed our party in the end,” Sheila said. “But we knew most of them.”

Authored by: Photographed by: MauricioCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Washington D.C.Setting:  Low-Light WeddingVenue:  District Architecture Center