Hotel Christopher; St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Saint Barthélemy

“We’re Republicans, but we’re here to act like Democrats.”

Bridesmaid Katherine said this in a speech on the rehearsal dinner night, recalling Tracey’s words from a girls trip they took together to Positano, Italy, 10 years ago. Tracey had said this to someone they met on the trip. But it may as well have been the theme for her wedding weekend as well.

This wedding was full of tried-and-true Republicans, and if you’re really into politics, you may recognize the bride, or at least her name. Tracey was a spokeswoman for President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign, the Republican National Committee, and Sarah Palin. She happened to fall in love with a long-haired, wise-cracking New Zealander named Nick.  Together, they have a love for the free-spirited French island of Saint Barthélemy, commonly shortened to St. Barth or St. Barths, in the Caribbean. So that’s where the wedding was, and that is where they chose to party like Democrats.

Nick says one reason he loves Tracey is that he’s a “storm chaser,” and Tracey is always a tornado of excitement and unpredictability. I noticed that too. She found a way to put a fun twist on all of the events. This was one fantastic wedding to be a guest at.

Day 1 was a welcome party with wine and fruity drinks right on the sand at Do Brazil. Afterward, everyone had dinner upstairs – while singing karaoke. Day 2 was a lovely rehearsal dinner by the water at Bagatelle, with speeches and sunset views. The norm. Until Tracey and Nick pulled out a big suitcase full of masks, hats, sunglasses, fishnet gloves and feather boas, and told everyone they couldn’t get into the next place without wearing something from the suitcase. That place was the legendary Le Ti, a dark, low-ceilinged cabaret club. It was there that the Republicans danced on tables and watched the sexy, sometimes quirky, cabaret acts.

The wedding day was a whirlwind of a sweet, sweaty ceremony in an old church with no air-conditioning; first dance with a brass band on an island in the pool at Hotel Christopher; dog hora for Tracey’s beloved sidekick Sushi; splattery champagne pyramid; sparklers on the dance floor; dancing in the rain; and of course everyone in the pool in their clothes.

Nick and Tracey, we applaud you. You continually surprised and delighted us, and gave your guests new experiences they will never forget. Republican party for the win!