CordeValle Resort; San Juan Mission, California

When I think back to Vanessa and Casey’s gorgeous California wedding at the San Juan Mission and CordeValle Resort, with all its beautiful details and décor, and the amazing dresses and the crazy dancing, my mind always goes back to one of the speeches, by one of Casey’s friends. He talked about how Casey would often describe the kind of woman he was waiting for – someone who was young, beautiful and smart, who also had a sweet personality – and how all of Casey’s buddies would laugh and think “well good luck with that.”

But Casey held out, and never settled, and wouldn’t you know it, along comes Vanessa – gorgeous and kind, just like he wanted, and with a definite sweetness that is immediately disarming. And, yeah, a little bit younger than Casey 🙂 Fortunately, Vanessa had already been coached for years by her parents about the same thing – don’t settle, wait till you find the right guy.

When Vanessa and Casey are looking at one another, it’s like no one else exists. The tenderness, mutual admiration and loyalty are readily apparent, and, I must say, inspiring. Their love is a big, passionate, sure-thing love, and Ben and I had a blast watching them and all their friends celebrate such an important day. Theirs are photos I will always enjoy going back to again and again.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  CaliforniaSetting:  Church WeddingVenue:  CordeValle Resort; San Juan Mission