San Francisco, California

We are so excited to finally introduce our new website to the world! This new creation, nearly three years in the making, is a culmination of everything we wanted in a website: A place for brides and grooms to view nearly every destination, venue, setting, religion and culture we’ve ever photographed; a landing place for venues, coordinators and other vendors to showcase their work through the weddings we’ve collaborated on together; and, simply, a fun place for newly engaged couples to explore and gather ideas for their own weddings.

We’ve been working on this site with some very talented people, from Alison Strauss who created our logo, to Han Nguyen who designed the framework of the site, to Kevin Scarbrough who started the coding and then Mike Dickson who came in six months ago and has worked tirelessly and thoughtfully to create a home for our photos like nothing we could have ever imagined. Without Mike, I doubt we ever could have ever made this site happen.

And finally, the vision for the site from the very beginning is due to Kim Ercius. Kim is a former bride of ours who moved from Ithaca to California with her husband Peter about four years ago. Since then, we have become the best of friends and when we’re not hanging out, she is helping businesses all over the country with her SEO company Sercius. This entire site is her idea, and we can’t thank her enough for showing us what was possible. We owe her lots of tequila shots for the rest of our lives!

There’s a lot to see here, and we welcome you to start clicking the links and see where they take you! This site will be an ever-evolving part of our lives, and we thank you for taking the time to read this far. Now it’s time to go exploring!

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