Charleston Family Photography

“What. A. Team! I am in awe of all of you! Erin, Ben, Mauricio, THANK YOU! You captured a moment in time, a forever gift of beautiful photos of me and my baby girl that I will cherish always! These pictures and all of you are nothing short of amazing!” – Lesa Bennett 

From a few minutes on your front porch, to an hour on the beach, or even a 2-3 hour day-in-the-life documentary, we make the most of every moment with your family. 


  1. Contact us so we can find a date that works best for your family’s busy schedule.
  2. Book it! Let us know what you’d love to have and we’ll clear our calendar for you.
  3. Session Day! This is your time to turn off your phone, and just soak up the people you love.
  4. Within 2-3 days of your session, your photographs will be ready!

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Charleston families, allow us to help you celebrate all of the happiness you’ve worked so hard for through a photographic experience with Chrisman Studios. 

Celebrate everything: the everyday moments, the bigger moments, the milestones, and everything in between, because it all means something to you. Celebrate the hilarious and beautiful expressions you know so well, and all those unique facets, quirks and qualities that make you fall in love over and over again.  

This is your family. And life happens way too fast. Allow us to create a daily reminder for you of what matters most. Whether it’s proudly displayed on the wall you walk by every day, or in your office away from home, or in an album you’ll pass down to your children, we will create something for you that will always remind you of how good you truly have it, and how much love you have in your life. Getting a reminder of that every single day is priceless and can change everything for the better. Sessions can happen at your home, or a favorite Charleston location that is meaningful to you.  

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