Charleston’s Best Shopping

Whether you’re coming to Charleston for a bachelorette weekend or need a list of some go-to spots for pre-wedding shopping, we have some great local suggestions for you. Some of the best Charleston shops are right on King Street staring you in the face, and some you have to do a little digging for. See below for Erin’s favorite Charleston shops.

Charleston Boutiques

Just past the huge Forever 21 store at King and Market streets, you’ll start running into some really cute boutiques. This is my favorite area to shop in Charleston. Boutiques are great for girls trips because they are small and you can all stay together to watch each other try on, give opinions, etc.

Impeccable Pig, 175 King Street
Vestique, 183 King Street

The Big Stores

Anthropologie, 260 King Street
Urban Outfitters, 371 King Street
Forever 21, 211 King Street