Charleston’s Best Shopping

Whether you’re coming to Charleston for a bachelorette weekend or need a list of some go-to spots for pre-wedding shopping, we have some great local suggestions for you. Some of the best Charleston shops are right on King Street staring you in the face, and some you have to do a little digging for. See below for Erin’s favorite Charleston shops.

Charleston Boutiques

Just south past the big intersection of King and Market streets, you’ll start running into some really cute boutiques. This is my favorite area to shop in Charleston. Boutiques are great for girls trips because they are small and you can all stay together to watch each other try on, give opinions, etc.

Impeccable Pig, 175 King Street: Always a new, fresh selection with great prices. 

Vestique, 183 King Street: Slightly more high-end, I always stop in here when I need a new dress for a special occasion. 

Luna, 445 King Street. Luna has been around for a long time, and it always carries cute, on-trend clothing for the relaxed, easy-breezy, beautiful girls of Charleston. 

Candy Shop Vintage, 9 Cannon Street. This adorable shop is tucked away on a side street, so do NOT miss it! Owner and designer Deirdre Zahl is cool and adorable. If you’re lucky you might also catch her out DJ’ing a club or event, which she does on occasion (wearing cat-ear headphones). 

The Big Stores

Gwynn’s, Mount Pleasant (just over the bridge): Gwynn’s was made famous by the reality show Southern Charm, but this elegant, high-end department store has served Charleston’s elevated shopping needs since 1967. 

Free People, 466 King Street: It was an exciting day in Charleston when we got a Free People. Prices are a little more high-end, but doable. Effortless, edgy looks that make you feel amazing and cool.

Anthropologie, 260 King Street. Everyone knows Anthro. I’ll just add that the staff here is super-nice and down to Earth. Makes for a fun shopping experience. 

Urban Outfitters, 371 King Street. Grab your hipster and slightly hippie wear here, and find unique books and gifts.