ChrisMAX is Chrisman Studios’ first workshop featuring all four photographers combining their specific specialties to create the most intensive learning experience possible.

Three days of comprehensive shooting, informative presentations, post-production and detailed critiques. The workshop is open to all levels of photography experience, beginner to advanced. You will be grouped with others of your same experience level to facilitate a productive learning experience for everyone.

Ben Chrisman

Erin Chrisman

Mauricio Arias


$3,600 in two equal payments of $1,800

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How to Photograph a Wedding Day from Start to Finish

Ben and Erin will detail how they approach an entire wedding, showing exactly what they do in every situation. Lens choice, where to stand, off-camera flash, how to interact with guests, what to wear, when to change positions, when to stay where you are, how to turn harsh light into beautiful light, how to make critical decisions in the most important moments, how not to be scared, how to photograph for your client, how to photograph for your future clients, how to photograph for you, how to photograph for people looking at your work 50 years from now. Everything they know and do every weekend will be in plain, easy-to-understand detail.

How to Refine Your Style with Detailed Lighting Techniques

JVS will use his 20 years of experience to show you not only how to be more creative with lights, but how to make money from them. Interested in bringing more lights to a wedding than just your strobe? JVS brings them all. Interested in using one light to make a scene stand out? JVS will show you. Interested in learning dynamic head shots? JVS knows how. Want to take the most interesting food photos your favorite local restaurant has ever seen? JVS is a master at it. Want to make a bride look like a model in Vanity Fair? JVS will show you. No scene will ever look the same again after you see what is possible using JVS’ signature lighting skills.

How to Create Portraits that Transcend Wedding Photography

Mauricio loves to make the obvious abstract, and the abstract make perfect sense. This is a unique opportunity to get inside the head of an experimental artist. He will demonstrate how every situation has endless possibilities once you learn to see everything as a unique part of life. By using challenging compositions, complex lighting and inspiring connections between his couples, Mauricio brings the simple magic of romance and art into every image he creates. Maybe it’s his Latin flair. Maybe it’s his curly hair. But whatever it is, he’ll show you how to do it so you can make your own art at your very next wedding.

Rich in history and character, Charleston is one of our favorite cities in the country for eating, drinking, and taking pictures. Autumn is a great time to visit, and you will get glimpses into life in this Revolutionary and Civil War era city, with its well-preserved architecture, grand old homes and cobblestone streets. Charleston is also a very safe, walkable city, so if you decide to bring your family with you, they will have plenty to do every day while you’re working hard at the workshop!


Lunch, coffee, water and snacks will be provided all three days. Breakfast and dinner will be on your own, except for the final supper, as they say in the deep South. We will treat you to a fun night out to reward you for all your hard work! And also because we just really want to hang out with you, perhaps with a good Southern cocktail in hand.


You will fly into CHS airport, which is about 15-20 minutes from downtown Charleston. There is a chance your flight into CHS will be on a smaller plane, so bring your gear in a small roller or shoulder bag so you don’t have to gate check your valuable equipment. You don’t have to bring your entire kit either. A couple cameras, a couple lenses and a flash will do the trick.


Charleston is home to all types of accommodations, so no matter what your budget is, you'll find plenty of options on where to sleep for the few hours you're not with us.


The American Theater is one of Charleston’s most iconic landmarks. Located in the heart of downtown, it is beloved by both locals and tourists for its beautiful, well-preserved Art Deco design. The theater opened its doors in 1942 as Charleston’s premiere movie house. We are beyond excited to host our first ChrisMAX workshop inside this amazing space, with its stadium-seating cinema, ballroom, and colorful, unique, interior details that will provide lots of creative possibilities for our shooting demos and exercises.

We’ve been teaching workshops for several years all over the world. In their own words, here are some experiences from past workshop students.

This workshop is SOLD OUT, but join the mailing list to get early access to future workshops.

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