Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

“You are so beautiful. I’m actually trying not to think about how beautiful you look right now.” 

Yeah, that’s right, Peter. I heard you whisper those words to Addie when you saw her for the first time in her wedding gown. And it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard.

You are quiet and reserved, and your love is not so much a public thing, but a private shared experience for just the two of you. I get that. And Addie, when I first met you, you laughed and said you don’t like emotion – showing it or having it shown to you (Addie is a prison psychologist, and she says this kinda comes with the territory). When we asked the two of you to snuggle up for a portrait, your mom breezed by and said, sarcastically, “oh Addie, that’s SO you!”

But I know better. I watched you both during the speeches from your friends and family. There were a lot of laughs, but there were also loving tributes, and an outpouring of admiration. I saw these things affect you, ever so subtly. 

Your idyllic Southern wedding at Lowndes Grove Plantation was such a perfect mix of refinement and raucousness. You were two classic people in love on your wedding day, so polite and polished that it seemed you stepped out of another era, who let your hair down bit by bit as the day wore on.

I like you guys because you are real, and you feel things exactly as they are. In a time of over-the-top hyperbole, it is refreshing to meet people who are actually understated, who expect not to be impressed or affected. Because those rare times when you ARE affected, you feel it to your core, so much so that it rises to your surface, and the rest of us get a glimpse into who you are, and what moves you. It is a beautiful thing to behold.